Bottoms Up Circuit

One of my favorite morning clients jokingly told me that she changes her Facebook setting based on how she feels after I leave each session.

Hmm. . . wonder what she'll say after today's workout. . . ;)

One of the benefits of this routine is that half of the body "rests" while the other half works. Contact me if you need info on any of the exercises.

Here's a sample variation:

Warm up 5-10 minutes first. Use dumbbells or, as in her case, weight plates (Newbies, use no weights).

Bulgarian split squat
Sumo squat
One-leg squat Modified: hold onto kitchen counter(or other stable surface), trail free leg in back instead of front, standing knee over ankle, push through heel and drive body straight up not forward

Bicycle abs, 40x
Egg rolls, 12x
2 situps/5 ab crunches x 5

T-stand pushups
Shoulder press w/alternating knee lifts
Lateral raises
Triceps kickbacks
Reverse flye

Do 8-12 of each exercise unless otherwise noted. Go down the list of exercises 2-3 times, circuit style.

She jumped in the jacuzzi afterward, but the shower works good, too.
Have fun!

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