Get out of the gym!

Challenge yourself, meet new people and get in great shape!

Who said you had to go to the gym to get a great workout? The Portland area has some awesome outdoor spaces for our late spring through fall outdoor workouts. During the winter and early spring we bring the fun inside and use the surrounding outdoor spaces as our Northwest weather permits.

Our URBAN Boot Camp focuses on improving the fitness of individuals at most ability levels. The program develops strength, agility, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and flexibility.

During the first week of UBC, the basics and a mini assessment are covered. After that the fun begins as each class begins with a dynamic warmup and ends with a cooldown/relaxing stretch. Sandwiched in the middle are individual as well as group missions, friendly competitions, circuits, weekly objectives, nutritional guidance and more. Never know what'll happen at UBC, but each class is designed to help get in shape, gain knowledge, and build the discipline you need to reach your fitness desires.

You can also be sure of a UBC workout that conditions your entire body using body weight and various fitness props (we like to call them toys), and then stretches you out during the recovery period at the end. Self accountability is stressed meaning that we ask for your personal best with each workout and expect you to work at a level appropriate to your situation.

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