'Go Red for Women' day

You may have noticed the plethora of women in red today. No, Valentine's day did not come early. It's Go Red for Women day to bring awareness to women and heart disease.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, as in Dr. Oz from the Oprah Show, was on GMA this morning with 5 great healthy tips for women. In honor of Go Red for Women day, I thought I'd repeat them for your here with my two cents added in:

Tip 1: Ease Up on the Stress to Control Eating.

Yes! Many a client has shared that they ate "bad" in response to an intense situation at home or at work, large or small. They ate more than they intended, made poor and emotional choices, or starved and then binged. All not good! Take care of yourself by staying aware. Help yourself by keeping quick healthy foods handy in case you're pressed for time. And, don't forget the water!

Tip 2: Don't Just Count Calories, Count Exercise
This is a good one. Many women are afraid of gaining muscle mass, but I guarantee you that MOST women will not gain massive body building physiques simply by doing resistance training. Further, not only can added muscle mass decrease the incidence of osteoporosis, more muscle mass equals a higher metabolism. A higher metabolism equals more calories burned, and therefore better weight management overall. This is especially important since as we age we lose muscle mass with each decade while gaining more fat.

Tip 3: Sleep Is the Key to Building Muscle
Not only do the growth hormones released during sleep help us to make the most of our workouts physiologically, sleep also regulates the hormones released (or not) that make us want to EAT at night.

Tip 4: Forgive Yourself for Mistakes and Learn to Feel Better
In other words, get over it! If you miss a workout or eat poorly, speed bump over it and pick up where you left off. Dwelling on it may only lead to a downward spiral that takes you longer to recover from. Focus on positive affirmations and move on!

Tip 5: Make Long-Term Changes You Can Sustain

Healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle. People who yo-yo diet or binge workout really haven't made choices they could live with as a part of their "normal" lives, so their results are less than stellar. And think, you don't miss days of brushing your teeth . . . I hope, or skip the shower for long periods, do you? That's because those habits are a part of who you are. Eating healthy and exercising has to be the same way. Find things that you enjoy both in terms of activity and eating styles, and you'll stick to it. And, do allow yourself the less healthy treats you like, but do it thoughtfully and occassionally.

Go here for Dr. Oz's advice.

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