Mummified burgers and petrified fries? Mmm.

If you've seen the 2004 movie "Super Size Me" you know all about independent film maker Morgan Spurlock's unfortunate journey from trim and seemingly healthy to plump and on the brink of liver failure in just thirty days. How? By limiting himself to eating only McDonald's food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To make matters worse, he reportedly only allowed himself the same amount of physical activity as the average American: little to none. He gained 24.5 pounds, his body fat increased to 13.5%, and he experienced mood swings and sexual dysfunction. AND, even though it only took thirty days to gain that weight, it took him fourteen months to lose it.

To quote Guy Kawasaki, "holy kaw"!

If that movie didn't convince you that you might want to motor on by the fast food joints, check out this video for a little more evidence:

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