Happy Monday!

Every year Victoria Secret puts on an amazing Fashion Show complete with a glittery runway, sequined and bedazzled ensembles and gorgeous models. In preparation for the 'Sexiest Night on Television', we're counting down to the show with a sexy workout that can help you look like an Angel. This Abs, Arms and Butt routine hits all the spots we all want to focus on and will leave them saying "wow"!

Instructions: Warm up 5-8 minutes, including stretching as necessary. Go down the list of exercises circuit-style for 1-3 rounds. Then, cool down and stretch.

Why? Because planks and hovers are a must for a strong, stable core. This is important for exercise power as well as stamina and endurance.

Do It Right: Press up on elbows and toes into hover with feet together. Position elbows underneath shoulders and press shoulders blades down. Squeeze glutes and pull navel in towards spine; do not allow the back to sag. Jump feet open wide into a "v". Jump feet together to complete rep. Do 10-20 reps. Optional: Beginners hold hover 30-60 seconds, no jump or walk feet out and in.

Why? Working your ab muscles will help you have a sleek, tight waistline to show off in your holiday dress.

Do It Right: Lie on back with feet up and hands supporting head. Extend one leg straight out while squeezing opposite knee into chest. Curl opposite shoulder in towards knee. Do one rep on each side then raise both feet in the air and reach up to touch toes to complete rep. Do 10-15 reps.

Why? Because balance is important! You'll be less likely to fall while gaining a stronger core and more shapely arms. Plus adding a balance drill to this arm exercise saves you training time.

Do It Right: Holding weights, stand on one foot. Maintain balance and curl weights up towards shoulders. Straighten arms to complete rep. Do 8-12 reps each side.

Why? No "bingo arms"! This exercise will help firm the muscles on the back of your arms so they're not all saggy and squishy.

Do It Right: Hold dumbbell in one hand and kneel on bench. Position supporting arm right underneath shoulder, keep shoulder blades down away from ears, back straight and abs drawn in towards navel. Pull arm up and in to body with elbow bent. Straighten arm back towards ceiling then bend elbow to complete rep. Do 10-15 reps each side

Why? Because who doesn't want a great pair of legs!? No seriously, who? This exercise helps to firm up your thighs, while making your butt tighter.

Do It Right: Stand holding light dumbbells. Step foot behind into a slight diagonal to lunge. Keep weight towards the heel of the front foot and knee over ankle as much has possible. Back remains upright with chest pointing forward. Press off front foot to return to start position. Do 8-12 reps each leg. Optional: Beginners lunge straight back. Omit weights if necessary.

Why? Another great exercise for tightening up your butt while firming the thighs. Plus there's another great balance element so you're training your abs to stay in place as well.

Do It Right: Stand tall balancing on one foot. Keep shoulders down and draw abs in, bend standing knee to reach towards floor. Trail leg extends slightly behind. Squeeze glutes and extend back to return to start position. While still balancing kick forward with trail leg. Do 8-12 reps each leg. Optional: Beginners lower hands to knee height.

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