Happy Monday! A few weeks ago we were told by one of our clients that one of the things she loves about Wildfire Fitness is our positivity and that no matter what happens we always remain positive and have encouraging words to say. What an amazing compliment! As a company it is our goal to not only to promote healthy living but to also encourage and uplift or clients. After all, words have power. They can give us strength and encouragement, or they can break us down and cause us to give up.

Inspired by our client, we've decided to take our positivity to a new level. Starting now and in the coming year, we will be focusing on a winning mindset by sharing one word that will be our source of inspiration and strength for the week.

Our first Word of the Week (WOW) is "hope". Hope is the beginning of all dreams and all aspirations, whether they be fitness-related, personal goals, career ambitions, you name it. Without hope there's no drive and there's no action. And without action you're defeated before you even start. But where there's hope, there's belief. With belief you can achieve that thing you desire, and things can, indeed, get better. One of the great things about belief is that no matter how small, it can grow. And when you truly, wholeheartedly believe, circumstances don't matter. 
Situations don't matter. Doubters and haters don't matter. Your determination is set. What seems impossible is then possible as you are so focused on your vision that all of your actions and intentions are pointed in that direction.

As we leave this year and enter into the next I encourage you to hope. Dream big and move towards what you want in this life. Don't quit. Whether by leaps or by small steps, progress is progress and you can reach your goals. Never give up!

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