Slouching Is NOT Sexy

Have you ever noticed that fashion magazines seem to promote bad posture? Countless models have posed for these magazines in awkwardly unhealthy poses giving us the illusion that bad posture is sexy. The fashion magazines have lied to us. Slouching is not attractive and it is NOT sexy. 

Slouching can cause jaw pain, back pain, headaches and restricted breathing. Long term it can also lead to heart and lung damage from misalignment of the ribcage along with gastrointestinal issues… all of which can certainly bring down the sexy factor.

Here are four things you can do to build, stretch and retrain posture your muscles so you can show off your best accessory… good health!

1. Check yourself in the mirror. Are your shoulders and hips level. Do your shoulders tip forward? Does your head hang forward? Do you stand with knees locked? These are key signs that you may need some postural work.

2. Practice setting your shoulders. Lift your chest and allowing your shoulder blades to slide down your back but don’t arch your lower back. Allow your ribcage to open as you take a deep breath.

3. Notice your plumb line (side view): imaginary line from your ear lobe, to tip of shoulder, to center of hip/knee, to anterior ankle. Have a friend help you, if necessary.

4. Pull your gut in. Gently squeeze your navel in, focusing on the area below your navel. This will help support your lower back. Be sure to breath normally… you’re squeezing the ab muscles, not “sucking” them in.

Image Source: Vogue 

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