Should you eat before your morning workout?

Does exercise before eating in the morning BURN MORE FAT? The research (and the debate) continues as a recent study suggests that people can burn 20% more fat if they workout first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. 
One of the problems with studies like this, though, is that most people don't have a fat problem because they're eating before they workout. They have a fat problem because they don't workout AT ALL. They're eating way more than they move and metabolize. To suggest that we need to focus on how much fat people burn working out before they eat in the morning is mostly just a waste of time. We need to focus on just getting people to move in general.

Additionally, many who do exercise also need to pay way more attention to their bodies and their training needs. If a tough/intense workout planned, for instance, they may need to eat something to boost their energy and to help them get through it successfully and get the training response the workout was designed for. Performance shouldn't be sacrificed in hopes of some elusive fasting fat burn. 

Bottom Line:
Be smart and eat clean but remember that in the long run, you also have to successfully DO the workouts in order to change your body. If a fasting sweat fest  works for you, then great but if you need to eat a little something before you get into beast mode in the morning, go for it!

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