Tami's Favorite Things 2011

So, here we are. In the thick of the holiday season with only a few days left to go ‘til the end of the year. With the hustle and bustle of giving and receiving you may be at a loss for what to give that fitness enthusiast in your life... or perhaps your, ahem, friendly neighborhood trainer… ha! Well, here are a few of my favorite things and hot items for 2012 that you may just want to put on your wish list as well.

1. Pure Toes

I like to go barefoot during some workouts like yoga, pilates, as well as some home conditioning workouts. There are times, however, when I crave a little more warmth or some additional traction. These functional footies by Pure Toes are super cute, comfortable and can keep you from skidding around. And don’t call them socks... they’re “footcovers”. www.puretoes.com

2. The Grid

Many of you know that I think the foam roller is one of the best fitness tools EVER. But, things have evolved since the days of the plain ol’ white foam version. The Grid takes self-myfascial release to the next level with a durable, highly functional tool that lasts a long time and doesn’t break down with frequent use. www.tptherapy.com

3. Gym Boss

Yep, I do L-O-V-E my Gym Boss. For those of us who like to get in and get IT DONE this tool is a must. No more stopping to check your watch or having to position yourself near the clock on the wall during interval training or timed circuits. This mini interval timer sets you free! Give it your all and the chimes let you know when rest begins... and when it's over. All you do is set it up (super easy!) and push the button once to begin. As an added bonus, it can help to keep Chatty-Cathys at bay when you’re trying to focus on getting IT done at the gym. www.gymboss.com

4. Fitbit Ultra

This souped up version of a pedometer does a lot more than simply track your daily steps. Featuring automatic wireless uploads, it allows you to track your workouts (even knows when you take the stairs!), track your eating and daily calories, see how many miles you’ve gone and see how long and how well you sleep via the handy, dandy wrist sleeve. It’s simply an awesome motivational tool. www.fitbit.com

5. Oramaki

Once upon a long time, haramaki were used by Samaurai for physical as well as spiritual protection. Today, haramaki are the inspiration for these cool belly warmers thought to do wonders for your health by supporting your internal organs and keeping them nice and toasty against cold weather. Worn around your midsection, from lower ribcage to upper thigh, they’re also awfully cute as well as very fashionista. I “warmly” recommend you get one. www.oramaki.com

6. Sony Ericsson Hi-Fi Wireless Headset with FM Radio MW600

This wireless headset is truly one of my favorite things! Know how you get all tangled up in your cord when you’re trying to workout? Well, maybe it’s just me. At any rate, this handy wireless tool allows us to be gadget-free while working out so we can play our favorite mp3s and Pandora stations, or lock even into the radio. And, if you're using your phone, it'll shut off the music so you can take the call. www.sonyericsson.com

7. Zensah Running Compression Leg Sleeves

Sometimes pressure is a good thing. Compression sleeves offer a perpetual hug that can do wonders for your body and your performance. Research has suggested that constrictive clothing can not only boost your performance, it can decrease swelling and increase blood flow to speed recovery. The sleeves come in fun colors including tie dyed for all you retro fashionistas. www.zensah.com

8. Rejuvenation Rehab Foot & Body Relaxation Therapy Roller

Your feet carry you around and support you all day. Show them some love! As the site states, this little tool activates pressure points to relieve tension, increase circulation and relax your muscles. You can also use it on the rest of your body to relieve stress and feel revitalized. www.rejuvenationrehab.com

9. Bobble Water Bottle

There are water bottles and then there are WATER bottles. A combination of green thinking and beautiful design, these little jugs allow you to filter your drinking water without filling up landfills with single serve water bottles. They also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and they’re very reasonably priced so you can give one to yourself and everyone you know without breaking the bank. www.waterbobble.com

10. Plank Yoga Mat

Step up from that plain old yoga mat with one that features clever and deliberately unique designs. The cobra mat artistically features a cobra in the grass. The plank mat looks like, well, a plank. The fresh designs are also rendered onto eco-friendly, fully sustainable natural rubber so they’re good for the environment as well. www.plankdesigns.com

11. 180s Tec Touch Gloves

Wouldn’t it be nice to access and touch your IPod or your other touch screen devices without the need to take off your gloves? Now you can! With these nifty mitts you can look up directions, check out movie times, send a text or engage in social media while keeping your digits all nice and warm. www.180s.com

12. MOTOACTV Fitness Tracker

What product offers a GPS tracker, a Smart mp3 player, a heart rate monitor, and wireless music all at your wrist? The MotoACTV! The cutting edge fitness device will satisfy that techno fiend in your life (even if it’s you!) and is one of the hottest gadgets for 2012. www.motorola.com

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