Get ready for the Challenge!

Isn't it hard to believe that we're already more than eight months deep into the year? Summer, after all, only arrived here in the Northwest a mere moments ago! This holiday weekend makes it official, however. Ready or not, fall is upon us and the end of the year is at hand.

Speaking of the end of the year, how has your year gone? Have you succeeded in reaching those goals on this year's List? Some of us have! Some of your Wildfire Fitness community have completed marathons, triathlons, relay races and first 5ks. They've lost pounds of body fat, toned muscles, done full-on-bonafide-non-girl pushups and moved from walking into running again. They've bought houses, gotten married, had their first child, and taken trips of a lifetime. Some have even fallen off the wagon, run behind it and jumped back on! (high five!)

What's YOUR 2011 story? How is YOUR List coming along? As we finish up the summer vacations, get kids off to school, re-normalize into our schedules, et cetera, let's take a hard look at those goals and dreams on the List and see what we have yet to accomplish. We still have roughly four whole months left to this year! Plenty of time left to make it even more memorable. Plenty of time to take MASSIVE action.

That being said, since many of us have expressed that that massive action means re-focusing on our health and fitness habits, we're kicking off this end of the year push with our 6-week Fall "Final Quarter" Fitness Challenge from September 19th through October 30th. Why Final Quarter? Well, while it might seem obvious since this IS the final quarter of the year, but Fall also means football season. If you know anything about football, you know that the final quarter is also when most of the points and the memorable plays are made. So, think of this is a great opportunity for YOU to score your best plays. It's an opportunity for you to jump start your fitness habits, get back on track, oh, and win terrific prizes to boot!

Prizes? Yes, prizes! There are fitness tools to add to your training closet, gift cards for some good eats, discounts from our Wellness Partners and C-A-S-H!

So have fun today! Enjoy the sunshine and good times with friends and love ones. Get a good night's rest and look for a special email in your inbox tomorrow with more details on how you can join in the Challenge.

Be well!

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