Breakfast does a body good

A healthy breakfast is an important part of starting your day right. Countless studies have shown that eating breakfast is one of THE most important habits for healthy weight loss, weight management, and physical performance. If you want to lose or manage your weight long-term, you simply MUST eat breakfast in the morning for optimal success.

Eating breakfast can help you manage your food intake throughout the day by positively addressing your energy needs from the start. For instance, if you finish dinner at 7pm, and wake up at 6am, you haven't eaten for 11 long hours. Your body continues to burn calories even while you’re asleep, so whether you're heading off to work during the week or getting ready for your morning workout, your body needs fuel.

Other benefits to eating breakfast include:
1. Helping your body regulate your metabolism so you can lose/manage your weight more efficiently.
2. Increasing your mental clarity and sense of wellbeing - both your brain and nervous system require glucose (blood sugar) to function properly.
3. Discouraging your body’s tendency to slow your metabolism (burn less calories) and catabolize muscle when trimming calories.

Avoid or limit:
1. Sugary, simple carb-filled choices such as donuts, sugar cereals, muffins, waffles, pancakes, bagels, etc. Note: Simple carbs include those made with refined/processed “white” flour. Read the labels. Choose whole grain products whenever possible. Beware of foods labeled “enriched”. Most times they are NOT whole grain products.
2. High fat foods such as fried eggs, sausages, bacon, cheesy omelets, cream cheese bagels, hash browns, etc.

Generally, focus on eating some lean protein and a healthy carb together.

Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas:

1. Scrambled egg whites or tofu w/veggies. Eat with whole-grain toast or in a whole grain tortilla wrap.
2. Fresh berries, natural yogurt, low-fat granola
3. Steel-cut oatmeal w/fresh fruit and almonds or flaxseed
4. Shakes and smoothies
5. Whole grain toast or tortilla w/nut butter (ie almond, peanut). Add raisins or fresh banana for more flavor.

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