Manage your weight by managing your portions

While what you eat is VERY important, without portion control you will not lose weight or manage body fat even if you "eat healthy."

Unfortunately, however, it can be tough to visualize what a normal meal or serving looks like since everything from muffins, bagels, and movie popcorn to "cups" of coffee and bottles of juice have grown considerably. With that growth in portion size has come a growth in consumer expectation and a desire to "get our money's worth." This increased expectation, however, has been partially responsible for our collectively increased waistlines, so understanding the caloric impact of what you eat is important for making scale-friendly decisions.

To help you manage your weight, learn visual cues for the foods you eat. This is can be extremely helpful since it may not always be practical to weigh and measure your servings.

Here are a couple of sites to help get you started with visual portion cues:

~ The WebMD Portion Size Plate
~ Portion control for weight loss

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