Don't let travel ruin your diet.

Vacations and business travel often increases during the summer months. Unfortunately, going out of town and outside of your normal environment can lead to bad eating and a bigger number on the scale.

With just a bit of effort and willpower, however, you can avoid the pitfalls to your healthy diet and maintain your weight loss momentum. Not only will you feel great when get back, you'll also feel more successful and have more fun.


Whether starting your day with the hotel's continental breakfast or sitting in a nearby restaurant, there are many ways to get the nourishment you need while satisfying your appetite. Avoid excess sugar & white/processed grains (ie, cereals, bagels, donuts, sweet rolls, waffles). The "sugar-high" may bring you "up" for a short time, but you'll soon feel sluggish and perhaps a bit sick to your stomach. You'll also increase your body's ability to store fat as the flood of simple carbs increases your blood glucose levels, which in turn stimulates the insulin release by your pancreas, and insulin promotes the growth of fat tissue.

~ Fill up on whole grain cereal and low-fat milk.
~ Choose a whole grain/bran muffin and a hard boiled egg.
~ Yogurt with a little granola can be a good choice, but watch out for sugar/HFCS*
~ Opt for whole fruit instead of juice.
~ Drink herbal tea or water with a squeeze of lemon.
~ Choose an omelet filled with vegetables and a slice of whole grain toast (skip/limit the jelly and butter).
~ Opt for a bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit.

Busy days may tempt you to opt for fast food. Don't do it! Not only will your choices be limited, you can also pile on the calories and preservatives in just a few bites without long term satisfaction.

~ Stop at a local market for healthy snacks such as baked whole grain crackers, string cheese, cut veggies and hummus, raw trail mix with dried fruit and nuts, and fruit just in case you are on the run and get a late start on lunch.
~ Choose a dine in restaurant to help give you healthier options.
~ Opt for the soup and salad special. Do go easy on the salad dressing.

When you're out of town seems to pass more quickly so be careful not to eat too late. Also, avoid eating your heaviest meal late; eat a larger lunch and smaller dinner instead.

~ Split a meal with a friend or dining partner to help control your portion size.
~ Cut the fat by choosing baked or broiled lean proteins (ie chicken, fish) instead of battered and/or fried menu items.
~ Order and EAT your veggies. As long as they are not bathed in sauce (aka hollandaise) vegetables are always low fat, low calorie items. Great choices are broccoli, green beans, and asparagus.
~ As for dessert, skip it. If you must satisfy your sweet tooth opt for low-fat sorbet or mixed fruit.

Be smart. Eat well. Succeed!

*High Fructose Corn Syrup

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