1. It’s for everyone. * The classes are interval based... high intensity interval training (HIIT) to be more precise. You’ll work at your own pace and capability, working harder at times, then recovering. Beginners and returning exercisers will focus on gaining a strong movement foundation while experienced exercisers can rev the engine and go for maximum burn.
  2. It’s a timesaver. Gone are the days of endless sets and reps and long hours at the gym. Ugh! Interval training can allow you to get double the benefit in half the time, especially if you want toned muscles and your goal is fat loss. In fact, one recent study even showed that it’s possible to burn as many as 220 calories in a mere 2.5 minutes of interval training… whoa, right?! But remember, overall you set your pace, going hard for brief periods and then recovering in between, while mixing it up with power-packed compound movements.
  3. Get stronger, not bulkier. The goal here is not to train like a body builder or power lifter. This is functional training. It works your total body holistically as it was designed to do.  You'll gain lean, more powerful muscles so that you can access functional strength while increasing your mobility.
  4. It combines strength and cardio. No more endless hours on the treadmill or sitting in some complicated machine with a picture of the one muscle or area it says it works. Again, ugh! Your body is your machine. Your heart and lungs will be working hard, but so will you muscles. Your metabolism will also continue to be revved up even hours after you’re done. Win-win!
  5. It’s better than anything else you’re doing right now. This is a fact supported by science. Research has shown that few, if any training modalities match the power of interval training in terms of bang for your buck, maximum benefits, minimum time. If you’re looking to build strength, increase your endurance, burn fat, get lean, increase your overall mobility AND have fun and not get bored…


Details, details

WHAT: Wildfire Wednesdays 
           (This is a high-powered, interval based class designed to burn fat and shape muscles!)
WHEN: April 16th - May 21st
WHERE: Moxie Studio, located in the Alberta Arts District, close in NE Portland 
TIME: 6:00 - 7:00 pm
ENTRY FEE: $180.00  
                        2 for $350.00 sign up with a friend and save $10!
                 No drop-ins, peoples! I need you focused right here on getting lean and preserving the sexy… ;)
Sign up below or contact Tami at "tami@wildfirefitness.com. 

Wildfire Wednesdays at Moxie Studio

*For anyone who has heart disease, high blood pressure, major joint problems or is over age 60, please have a chat with your doctor before joining us. We want you to be safe.

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