As we move through the last hours of 2013 this is the perfect time to reflect over your life experiences over the past year. Now I know for some, this may seem pointless because research has shown that more things get left undone on the ‘ol resolution/goal list than done, but reflection time is not all about whether or not you moved everything from the goal list to the done list. It’s also an opportunity to experience gratitude and to re-locate your passion.

It’s easy, after all, to get stuck in a rut of day in and day out. Every day go to work, every day go home. Maybe workout, maybe see some friends, maybe do something different… but probably not. Ho-hum, boring, right? But not necessarily so.

Today, I encourage you to ask yourself some questions. What were your blessings over the past year? Did you grow mentally and/or spiritually? Who did you get to see? What did you get to experience? Is your family healthy? Are you healthy? Did you see the smile of a loved on today? Did you hear your favorite song? Did you eat? Can you shower in your own home? Do you have heat? Do you have a coat, a car, a phone, electricity, clean water? These are all blessings! Some that others don’t have and maybe never will have, yet we so often take for granted. If you live in this country, especially, we have the opportunity to go and be whatever we want, the opportunities can be limitless! Write them down and count them up. It’s amazing how inspirational and uplifting this can be! If you feel a moment of discouragement, whip this list out and then smile at your future ripe with possibility.

Now, once you’ve counted some of your blessings (because no doubt no matter how long the list there will be plenty more that you missed) and only after, consider this. With all of those blessings and the opportunities you do have, does your life-story so far say what you want it to say? Are you, in fact, living the best version of your life possible? If the answer is no, you’ve got work to do. If the answer is yes, you still have work to do because life is also about growth, so if you are alive there is still more you can do and experience.

Those who are the most successful in life tend to pause periodically to see where they’re at before moving on. They ask themselves questions about what they want out of life, if they’re doing what they want to do, if they’re where they want to be. And, they do so regularly. They tend to throw a virtual dart out to the end of the year, then pinpoint key benchmarks during the year, quarterly, monthly, even weekly, to make sure they’re going to get to where they want to go.

So as this year comes to a close and before you put pen to paper to write down your goals for 2014, don’t let this be just another year of same ‘ol, same ‘ol. You are blessed! Take your blessings and run! There will be challenges, there are unknowns yet to be discovered but re-locate your passion for your dreams and move towards them. You made it to see another revolution of the earth around the sun. Yaay! You owe it to yourself to take hold of that opportunity alone to fuel your fire and discover your full potential. When you sit at this time next year, let the story of your life fit the vision you create for yourself today.

Be amazing!

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