Tami's 2013 BHAG Fitness Goals

Whew, what a year! Now that 2012 is in the history books and we've successfully lived past the so-called Myan apocalypse... it's time to get after 2013!

January is always particularly reflective for me because I have exactly one month between the end of the year and my birthday (Feb 1st, woohoo!). Right now I'm working on a list of questions to help me discover my BHAGs for the year. If you haven't heard of this, BHAG stands for "Big Hairy Audacious Goal". 

Now BHAGs are not something you can just stumble towards if you really expect to get anywhere. They require unwavering focus as well as a sense of accountability... so this year I've decided to share some of my BHAGs with YOU. 

1. UNASSISTED PULLUPS. I want to do at least 10, preferably 20 standard pullups. I used to be able to do these but  I'm out of practice. Right now I can do 5 (insert McKayla Maroney meme here).

2. SHOES/GEAR.  Divas need to look fly while they workout, right? With so many options out there now I've realized that I've been a bit remiss in exploring all the possibilities. Time to fix that!

3. ONE-ARM PUSHUPS. As the self-proclaimed queen of pushups I want MORE! This is a great addition to my list of Super Powers... ;)

4. OVERHEAD PISTOL SQUATS. I was side-lined by an injury (boo!), but I'm back at it and determined to add this "beast mode" move to my repertoire!

5. SLEEP! This is a BHAG because I have the super bad habit of staying up too late and not resting nearly enough. There, I said it! Sleep is important for good health and good training. I KNOW this! I tell YOU this! Time to break this bad habit so I can offer up my best self each day.

Bonus BHAG share...

My theme this year is... "BE AMAZING!". Everything I do will be filtered through this phrase. More on that later.

So, that's it. A little scary because now, of course, YOU know and in comes that accountability thing. But, it's important to walk the talk and I fully believe in the power of goal sharing. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think, as well as your BHAG(s) for this year if you'd like. Let's encourage and help each other succeed!

Go for your dreams and be well!


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