WFF's Holiday Wish-List: We Want It!

The List:

1: Under Armor : Under Armor is a must for staying warm during outdoor workouts this winter.

2: NorthFace Etip Gloves: These gloves are super cool! With them you can use your touchscreen  devices WITHOUT having to take off your gloves! Imagine being able to make calls, check movie times and play music all while keeping your hands warm. So cool!

3: Nike Free+5 : Aren't these cute?! Yeah we thought so too! :)

4: Moving Comfort Sports Bra: These stylish sports bras are great for the ladies with a little 'extra' on top. It's seam-free interior cups were specially designed to shape the girls and give them extra support.

5: Beats By Dre Headphones: These headphones are amazing! Not only do they make music sound 10x better but they also stay in your ears! No more fumbling around with your headphones while you work out! Yes! 

6: Water Bobble There are water bottles and then there are WATER bottles. A combination of green thinking and beautiful design, these little jugs allow you to filter your drinking water without filling up landfills with single serve water bottles.

What's on YOUR holiday wish-list? Comment below :)

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