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1. What are the top 10 nutritional nightmares according to dietitians?

1) Frightful Fried Foods
2) Scary Steakhouse Specialty
3) Monstrously Misleading
4) Big, Bigger, Biggest Burgers
5) Appalling Appetizers
6) Calorie-Laden Cakes
7) Diet-Demolishing Drinks
8) Mammoth Mall Munchies
9) Dining-Out Diet Disasters
10) Stupendous Servings


2. Are calorie counts on fast-food restaurant menus making a difference?

Nope! According to new research, at well over 800 calories per order consumers are "unfazed and undeterred" by calorie-laden foods at their favorite fast food restaurants. Researchers speculate that the cost of food may be more important than its nutritional value. Additionally, not enough time may have passed for consumers to see a significant impact on consumer behavor. Read more...

3. What's happening on 9/11/11 at 11 am in North Plains, Oregon?

We're doing the Warrior Dash with some of our adventurous community members, friends-of and family! Still time to join us. There'll be beer (for those so inclined, bands, food and fun. Plus, you get a t-shirt and an oh-so-cool warrior helmet! Check it out...

4. Who is Matt Scott?

No excuses! Big surprise at the end. Check it out...

5. Stretching makes your muscles, tendons & joints more flexible, but how can it also save your life?

Even if a person is over 40 and a little overweight he or she can lower their risk of heart disease with daily stretching. Check it out...

6) Who is our resident "Wonder Woman"?

You may have met her once or twice. Check it out...

7. How can you relieve post-exercise soreness?

Achy muscles and joint stiffness can make the next day's workout challenging at best. Here are two ways that you can relieve the discomfort and keep yourself on track. Check it out...

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