Ready. Aim... Aim... Aim...

Imagine watching Michael Jordan running for the basket during his first winning championship game, faking a throw then jumping for what should be one of many famous dunks...
...and then dropping to the ground frozen in place as he continues to eye and aim for the basket.

Imagine seeing Lance Armstrong peddling ferociously towards the finish line of what would have been his first Tour de France win...
...and then stopping suddenly to fiddle with his bike or talk to spectators as all the other competitors peddle past to the finish.

Imagine Venus Williams running to the ball on the court of what should be her first winning Wimbleton championship match...
...and then allowing the ball to whiz by as she stands frozen with the racket aimed and cocked.

What if Oprah hadn't dropped her last name and hosted her first television talk show?

What if Bill Gates and Paul Allen had only pondered talking to computer manufacturers about their MS-DOS ideas?

What if Warren Buffet only thought about making his first investment and never took any action?

Those who are famous and applauded are those who take action instead of forever waiting and forever contemplating their ideas and notions. Don't get me wrong, I believe in a well thought out plan. As the saying goes, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Contemplation and thought are highly necessary as they give rise to action. The problem is, many people remain in that state for far too long, or perhaps forever.

Take some time to plan and aim for your success in this New Year. Dream and dream BIG! Plan and strategize. What do you really want? What are you truly passionate about? What's on your life's "Bucket List"? Write it down. Figure out how you will overcome potential obstacles and barriers. Tell people about what you want to do...

Do the first thing, then the next. DO each thing and TAKE each step.

After all, even if your goal is equivalent to climbing a mountain, by taking each step, one by one, and focusing on your target, you will eventually find yourself at the top!

“Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.”
~ D. Hammarskjold

Don't let 2011 be just another year of resolutions lost.
Live your goals!

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