Get motivated and get fit this summer!

Staying motivated is a must for developing habits that positively influence your health for a lifetime. Working out and getting in shape requires a consistency that might seem boring or tedious if you don't find ways to keep it fresh and fun for yourself. Finding new activities, sharing workouts with a friend, and changing your scenery, however, are great ways to keep your interest, as well as your motivation, high. Another great tool is signing up for a special event, such as a race or competition.

Top benefits of participating in these special event include:

- Increased focus on your goal. Especially on days when you want to blow off a workout or blow up your diet.

- Better periodization. Strategically building upon each workout offers efficiency and maximum results instead of aimlessly plodding on the treadmill for hours with little physical change. Research what your doing on-line or contact us for help.

- Direction for your workouts, eating habits, and other health-related choices. Knowing that everything you do, including your sleep habits and stress management, will either bring you closer to or further away from your goals can help you to seek wiser options.

- A built-in cheering squad and team of "grand inquisitors". Shining a light on what you're doing can make it tougher to give up or to cheat. Tell people what you're doing and they WILL ask you about your progress. Accountability rules!

- Monetary incentive. Poor economy or not, no one wants to waste hard earned cash! In many cases, there are no refunds at all or after a certain date. Not showing up or performing below your personal best is not an option.

- Hard-earned, well deserved bragging rights. Accomplishment offers a great motivational self-esteem boost. That "I did it!" factor, coupled with kudos and high-fives, just plain feels GREAT!

So, get out there and find something to do. We have a number of people in the WFF community who have done just that. To name a few:

Frances L., Blue Lake Triathlon
Anna-Marie M., Team-in-Training Triathlon
Julie B., Nike Women's Half Marathon
Monique H., Disney Land Half Marathon

We're excited for you, ladies, and know you'll be awesome! Stay focused and train hard. You CAN do it!

If your name wasn't on the list, let us know what you're up to. Get your kudos and high-fives!

To your fitness success!

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