20 healthy snack ideas

People often ask about quick snacks to eat before or after their workouts.

The main focus should be on combining a low fat protein source with a complex carbohydrate (carb). Protein sources include seafood, meat, poultry, tofu/tempeh (soy), nuts, beans (pinto, black, garbanzo), and dairy. Keep in mind that your carb choice will depend on how quickly your body needs the energy. Generally, the higher the fiber content the slower the digestion and release into your blood stream. Bananas, for instance have a quicker energy release time than a slice of whole grain (WG) bread, but you'll likely feel fuller longer from eating the WG bread.

Now, on to the snacks:

1. String cheese & an apple
2. Natural nut butter (ie cashew, peanut, almond) & apple slices
3. Natural nut butter & a slice of whole grain bread
4. Rice cake with nut butter w/banana or strawberry slices
5. Soy yogurt w/berries & low fat granola
6. Veggie sticks with hummus
7. Dried fruit w/unsalted roasted nuts
8. Cooked sweet potato
9. Small cooked potato w/low fat cottage cheese w/avocado & tomato (salt/pepper to taste)
10. Lettuce wraps - fill with turkey, tuna, veggies, & low fat ranch dressing
11. Avocado and WG crackers
12. Edamame (aka soy beans in shells) - steam, then add salt, pepper, lemon juice to taste
13. Air popped-popcorn
14. Homemade bran or banana-nut muffins
15. Wild-caught smoked salmon & whole grain crackers
16. Celery sticks & almond butter
17. Homemade spring rolls
18. Deviled egg & WG crispbread (ie Wasa crackers)
19. Serving of cheddar cheese and handful of grapes
20. Rice cake w/hardboiled egg and herbs

Be sure to watch your portion size carefully and drink plenty of water.

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